About Creative Group Dance

About Creative Group Dance

Creative Group Dance is dancing in community and takes inspiration from the free approach to body movement developed by Barbara Mettler.

There are 3 rules in my classes:

  1. Everyone can move.
  2. Everyone moves differently.
  3. There are no right or wrong way to move.

Unlike a traditional technique-based class, I do not stand in front of the students and show movements that they follow.  The purpose of class is for participants to explore their own ways of moving; to sense and feel kinesthetically how their bodies want to move; and how to bring their whole selves to the dance.  Participants are not expected to move like anyone else in the class.  My presence is to help discover individual and group creative movement possibilities.  Everyone has the ability to dance.

This is a practice which is constantly changing, shifting.  It is a very organic way of working, of dancing. There is nothing like getting to know someone through dance.  When we improvise, we dance in the moment….and whatever guards we initially put up, we have to release or else the dance doesn’t happen. Every time I dance with a person or several people, it is a special moment…an honor where I am allowed into private spaces to share the dance.  I do not take this lightly.  I give myself fully to the dance…otherwise my dance is not truthful, not relevant.  I never know where a dance will lead me, but I know that it will lead me to a better understanding of myself and of the people with whom I am dancing.  Creative Group Dance provides an accessible, inclusive and participatory experience for everyone.

Interested in finding out more or how to collaborate?  Send me a message by clicking HERE!