Evolve Dance Inc. (2006 – 2017)



A one-day workshop for companies or organizations looking for new ways to strengthen team building skills, encourage deeper connections with colleagues and people they serve and experience different techniques for creative problem-solving.   Dancing in Community workshops use group dance improvisation to discover expression through movement in an inclusive and collaborative environment.  In collaboration with Mettler Studios Inc. and Pacific Links Foundation.


15542080_984736458299318_699028852542927728_nTUCSON, AZ: ARTS FOR ALL, INC.:  2014 – 2017

From Fall 2014 to Spring 2017, I conducted a dance residency at Arts for All,Inc., providing weekly dance classes for adults with diverse abilities. Classes were inclusive, participatory and collaborative where each dancer contributed his/her unique creative energy to the group.  Additional creative dance classes for Arts for All staff were held on request.
As part of this residency, I also co-directed Arts for All’s Adult Dance Ensemble, a performance group that gave dancers of diverse abilities the opportunity to deepen their expressive movement techniques and dance improvisation skills to create original works that the ensemble shared with the community.   The Adult Dance Ensemble shared regularly at multiple venues, including Zuzi Dance’s Fall and Spring No Frills Dance Happenin’, Pima Community College’s Spring and Fall dance concerts, and at Arts for All’s Spring to Motion showings.  The 2016-2017 season marked successful collaborations with ZUZI Community Dancers, Funhouse Movement Theatre and Pima Community College Ensemble dancers.



PERU 2016:  JUNE 6 – 17, 2016

A 2-week residency with Centro Nana Nagle and Corazon de Nana in Lima, Peru, to provide creative dance classes for children ages 4 – 13 overcoming the trauma of abuse and to affiliated staff.  This project was made possible by generous support from Mettler Studios, Ong Family Foundation and many friends. Read more about Peru.




A 2-week residency with local organizations in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, to provide creative dance improvisation at multiple sites to (i) youth and teens with developmental disabilities, (ii) students and faculty at the Yogyakarta Institute of Art, and (iii) One Billion Rising Yogyakarta.  This project was made possible by generous support from Mettler Studios, Ong Family Foundation and many friends.  Read more about Indonesia.


NEW YORK 2015 : CPC @ PS 20, Flushing, NY

1-week creative dance residency for 3rd and 4th graders suffering from post-traumatic stress due to effects of reverse migration phenomenon.


TUCSON, 2014:  Dancing with Parkinson

A series of introductory classes through Evolve Dance~West for students with Parkinson disease.



VIETNAM 2013 AND 2014

In 2013 and 2014, Evolve Dance partnered with Pacific Links FoundationHagar International Vietnam, Vietnam Dance College and Mettler Studios to conduct dance residencies at multiple sites in Vietnam: (i) a residence shelter located in Northern Vietnam for young girls rescued from human trafficking; (ii) a residence shelter located in Hanoi for women rescued from abuse (iii) Vietnam Dance College; and (iv) a 5-day workshop for affiliated staff, professionals and psychologists who work directly with survivors of gender-based violence.  This project was made possible by the generous support from American Embassy Hanoi, Ong Family Foundation and many, many friends. Read more about Vietnam 2013, Vietnam 2014.


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