dancequences v2

Dancesequences Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, was formed in Fall 2017 with the mission to advance inclusion through movement and dance. The arts can provide meaningful experiences of joy, awareness, cooperation, growth and learning. The art of dance is a key way human beings communicate and connectwith one another through movement expressions. Through community engagement residencies and community sharings, the Dancesequences Repertory Company and affiliated guest artists seek to (i) provide accessible opportunities for individuals to share personal stories and experiences; (ii) to encourage the interchange of dialogue to interpret, enhance and celebrate our common humanity through dance.

We have ongoing and exciting new projects in collaboration with a diverse group of artists and organizations, including Integrative Touch for Kids, Pio Decimo CenterSatori School, Sister Jose Women’s Center, Spirit Therapeutic Equestian ProgramTKD Wellness/Intuition Wellness Center, among others.  Our international residency in Vietnam and Indonesia in 2018 and 2020 enabled us to share creative dance with incredible and diverse community groups.  We continue to collaborate with multiple local agencies on workshop specifics as part of our mission to encourage open access, inclusive dance.  As a friend recently expressed so beautifully: “when we interact vulnerably, there is the possibility for deeper communication and understanding.  And that’s a good thing, even if it feels scary when we are doing it.”

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